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Sun Pack Printing-Branding, Advertisement and Price
Sunpack is also known as plastic corrugated sheets. It comes in different colors like red, green, blue, white etc. As per Hindustan Times report published in 2015, sunpack nowadays is widely used outdoor medium for advertisement for small Enterprises and household. Being inexpensive give them an added advantage over wooden frame flex boards. Another advantage of the sunpack sheet is that due to availability in number of colors there is no need to print background color as required in flex.

Color sun pack sheets ensure that there is no fading off background and print quality issue. Overall print quality is superior to that in normal flex. In no time, sun pack sheets have captured 30% of the market. Lesser unit cost and ease of installation adds to their increase in penetration.

We can find them used in various places now a days with common being:

Outdoor electricity pole, tree etc
Notice board
Parking board
Sign board
Name plate
Many people still think that there are only 1 or 2 color that can be printed on the sunpack sheets. But far from truth, sun pack not only are used for printing text graphic board like notice board, tution, to let advertisements etc, they are used to print colorful print graphic like that in flex board.

Screen printing has evolved over the years and now there is almost no restriction on the number of colors that can be printed. We offer high quality 1,2,3 or 4 color screen printing which print almost all graphics and images to high clarity.


Sun board is comparatively thicker than sun pack sheets. Sun pack is usually used only for outdoor media as it is comparatively much cheaper than sun board. Sun board on the other hand are used for indoor like in house, brand outlets, malls, colleges etc as print quality is better and it gives professional appeal.

Sun board last for more duration than sunpack. Both sunpack and sunboard are open to all weather and conditions. It is seldom there is direct printing on to the sunboard, vinyl is normally used for pasting on them.

It is not advised to use sun pack sheets for inhouse store branding. We recommend to go with high quality sunboard. For outdoor advertisements, like notice board, parking board, name board, other advertisement board you have option for either flex wooden board or sun pack board.

Here you have tough competition as sunpack gives cost advantage over flex board and there is relative ease in installation may it be on trees, polls, or building gates. Also many Residents Welfare Association RWAs gives permission to these sun packs easily than for the wooden flex boards.


Sunpack sheets are available in bigger sheets which can be cut and printed in any size. With sizes as small as 1×1 ft to size upto 5 feet in one dimension is possible. Common sizes used for printing sun pack sheets.

1×1 ft
1×2 ft
2×1 ft
1×3 ft
3×1 ft
2×3 ft
3×2 ft
Cost will depend upon the size, type of design that needs to be printed on to the sheets.


Designing of sun pack sheets is to be done in same way as designing of the banners. For parking board, to let board etc, you can make design in one color, two color etc. You can also design you creative in full multi color with pictures, images etc. Price will depend upon the size and number of pieces. To place order you can either email us or can call us with your requirement.
Corporate Advertising: It can be defined as paid use of medium that seeks to benefit the image of the corporation as a whole rather than its products or services alone. Because all of a company’s advertising contributes to its image, both product and corporate advertising should reflect a united strategy. Corporate image advertising should “brand” a company the way product advertising brands a product.

Product Advertising: It can be defined as paid use of media that seeks to benefit a certain product of the corporation, by increased sales etc.

Now to talk of a major difference between corporate and product advertising is who pays for each of the two types of advertising. A company’s marketing department typically is responsible for all product-related advertising and pays for such ads out of its own budget. Corporate Advertising, on the other hand, falls within the corporation communication area and either comes out of that budget or in some cases, is paid for by the CEO’s office.

There are mainly three types of corporate advertising. First type is the Advertising to reinforce identity or enhance reputation. Here companies use corporate advertising to strengthen their identities following structural changes. As companies merge and enter new businesses, they need to explain all their new developments like vision, strategy, etc
To constituents who may have known them well before but are not able to get along with their new status. Hence corporate advertising is used by larger organizations to simplify their image to unify a group of disparate activities. The second type is the Advertising to attract investment, this is one of the tool used by companies to enhance their images in the financial community is financial – relations corporate advertising. This type of advertising can stimulate interest in a company‘s stock among potential investors as well as buy-side and sell-side .analysts. Third type of advertising is the Advertising to influence opinions. This kind of advertising is called issue or advocacy advertising which is used by companies to respond to external threats from either government or special interest groups. This advertising mainly deals with controversial subjects.

The main outcome of Corporate advertising are increase in sales, next to create a stronger reputation as the best corporate advertising creates goodwill and enhances reputation by letting constituents in on what the organization is all about, particularly if it does beneficial things people are not aware of. Lastly to Recruit and retain employees where corporate advertising is an indirect way of building morale among employees. This type of advertising attracts the best and brightest both at the entry level and for senior positions and creates enthusiasm and excitement among potential and current employees.

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